• Autodesk Inventor - used in FIRST Robotics for 4 Years
  • SolidWorks - Used at Stevens for RockSAT project
  • Git version control - Used for various projets
  • Docker - runs this website and many other projects
  • Slack - used for RockSAT, SITTV, and various other projects
  • EAGLE PCB CAD - used for FIRST Robotics, various other projects
  • Xcode - iOS development in Objective-C
  • Bash (Ubuntu / Debian / BSD variants)
  • LAMP Stack + MongoDB
  • Microsoft Office Suite / iWork / Libreoffice
  • Mathematica - used for math homework
  • Slic3r / Cura + Printrun / OctoPrint - used for 3d printing with RepRap and for RockSat Project
  • Final Cut Pro X - used for projects at at SITTV for main editing
  • Adobe CC Photoshop; Illustrator; InDesign; Premiere Pro - used at SITTV
  • Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer - Photoshop and Illustrator equivalents used for personal projects
  • Blender - personal projects


  • Golang - Used for webservers / API Servers, and more at Spring 2017 Co-Op at LGS Innovations
  • Python - Used for personal projects (webapps), in CS-115, robotics, and anywhere else in-between
  • Java (Android + vanilla) - for Android development and other side projects; used in classes
  • iOS Development (Objective-C) - used for app development on iOS. Apps listed under apps tab + various other prototypes
  • Arduino - various robotics projects
  • Parallax Propeller SPIN - robotics projects as well, experimenting with electronics
  • NI LabVIEW - used in Engineering Design II
  • HTML + CSS + Javascript (with jQuery) - used in this website, and other projects using web interfaces
  • C/C++ - C++ used in robotics in FRC. C learned as part of Arduino and PropGCC (Propeller's port to C)
  • PHP/Flask - used in backend development, perfer Flask when possible
  • RobotC - used in FTC robotics for all 4 years of competition
  • Visual Basic 6 - used for giviing projects a GUI ~6-7th grade
  • QBasic - my first programming language; mostly screensavers, programs for doing HW, and some controlling software ~4th grade


Jesse's experience with software is vast and covers many disciplines and languages. The examples shown here are a small fraction of what he has done (partially due to poor records from his yearly years, and OCD).

Hardware / Robotics Programming

Jesse has used these platforms, but can learn many more:

  • Parallax Propeller Board (PropGCC and SPIN)
  • Parallax Basic Stamp
  • Arduino
  • RobotC on NXT - for FTC
  • Java with WPILib - FRC
  • Autonomous Sailboat Project

Apps / GUI Programming

Look at the apps tab

Console / Text Based Programming

Have more that need to be added to this category