Jesse Stevenson's Eagle Scout Project

I'm Jesse Stevenson, a scout from Troop 131, I am doing my eagle scout project at the St. Vincent Depaul food pantry.

During the colder months, those waiting in line for their food get quite cold with wind, snow, and rain.

In the past

The pantry has been using roll down canvas windows. These have been flimsy, tear and break on a regular basis. Wind would blow under them, and they do not act as a good insulator. They are also a pain to roll down and roll up, often resulting in them not being used. In the summer when they are rolled up, they are also known to breed mosquitos and collect water, that often freezes in the winter, causing more problems.

In general, it was not a permant solution, it was meant as a temporary solution to fix the problem.

The Vision

The goal of this project is to fix the problems that were evident in the roll up windows and provide a more comfortable environment for those who are waiting to be serviced.

The model shown above was made in Autodesk Inventor and printed in Jesse's 3d printer. The white peices represent these new doors, the rest is a 3:100 scale model of the pantry.

The Doors

These doors will be made from 2x4's suspended on a roller track. They are each assembled from 7 pieces, 4 horizontal, 3 vertical each connected with a lap-joint. This forms a really hefty door that can withstand the daily uses and requirements of the pantry.

The doors are to be connected from the top, and have a small L-piece at the bottom to keep them from tilting. The door will have no hardware in the opening area to allow pallets of donations to be rolled in as usual.

The plastic windows are made from plexi-glass (an acrylic plastic sheet), and will be mounted with methods familar to contractors and maintence workers, making replacement easy.

8 Doors will be needed for this project, allowing 4 of them to be opened or closed, depending on the conditions.

They will be suspended using a track made from steel-L, will slide with rollers from standard garage door hardware, and will be bolted to pieces of steel strap that will hold the pullies

The Benches

Depending on how much money is raised, benches may also be built. They will have backs and allow those standing in line to sit.

The Cost

Below is a table describing the various costs associated with the project. Any excess money that has not been used on the project will be donated to the pantry.

Description Cost Per Unit Number of Units Total Cost
3” Door Pulley $4.49 8 $35.92
Glazing points $1.97 4 $7.88
1qt Glazing putty $7.92 1 $7.92
Paint Roller covers 3/8 x 4” 2 pack $4.97 2 $9.94
Paint Roller including cover 3/8 x 4 $4.97 3 $14.91
Paint Tray $2.27 4 $9.08
chip brush $0.97 5 $4.85
Deckmate Screws 1.24 in 1lb (approx 200) $9.37 2 $18.74
.9 in Painters tape $3.53 1 $3.53
Elmers Wood weatherproof glue 1/ga $17.97 1 $17.97
Elmers int/ext wood filler $8.99 1 $8.99
Marquee ext sat Paint white Gal $47.98 2 $95.96
kiln dried 2x4 8' 5/8 $2.97 60 $178.20
Plexiglass 1/8” 4x8 sheet $100.00 8 $800.00
1.25” x 1/8 Angle Steel 6' (for track) $18.00 8 $144.00
3/16” or 1/4” x1.24” 3' Steel Strap (securing fix panel to beam) $17.00 4 $68.00
1/8” Steel strap 6' (pulley hangers and floor brackets) $10.00 2 $20.00
Cement Anchors 3/8” x 2” $1.38 12 $16.56
Lag bolts 3/8 x 3.5” $0.97 16 $15.52
Lag bolts 1.5” x 5/16” $0.18 8 $1.44
Carriage Bolts 2” x 5/16 $0.30 32 $9.60
Facia board 6” x 8' $11.32 9 $101.88
Benches 4 foot (depending on money raised) $110.00 6 $660.00

Grand Total $1,590 (without benches) $2,250.89 (with benches)

Donations / Volunteering

If you would like to donate, I will be accepting checks. A PayPal donation button will also be added to this site soon. My original fundraiser fell through, so I need as much help as possible.

If you feel you could help this project in other ways than donations, you may email me at Working times and locations will be posted here soon (should be within a week).

Questions, Concerns, Comments?

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the project, feel free to email Jesse at I will reply to your emails within 24 hours.